C101 Friday Hongtao

Students' Feedback on Hongtao Hao's Teaching


Note: Out of around 40 students, only 6 provided feedback on my teaching. Therefore, what you’ll see might have come from a biased sample.

Question Response
How clearly were course learning goals and objectives communicated to you? Very clearly (100%): 6/6
How available was the instructor to provide help when needed (in person, by email, office hours, etc.)? Very available (100%): 6/6
How likely would you be to recommend this course with this instructor? Very likely (100%): 6/6
How much did the instructor motivate you to do your best work? A lot (100%): 6/6
How much did the instructor emphasize student learning and development? A lot (100%): 6/6
Overall, I would rate the quality of this course as outstanding. Strongly agree (83%):5/6; Agree (17%): 1/6
Overall, I would rate this instructor as outstanding. Strongly agree (100%):6/6
Overall, I would recommend this instructor to others. Strongly agree (100%):6/6

Students Comments

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