C101 Friday Hongtao

Preparing For Your Final Exam

Time, Place, Content, Form


Wednesday, May 6th. Exam window is 8am – 2pm Eastern Standard Time

Once you open the exam, you have 2 hours, or until 2pm EST, whichever comes first.


Canvas (Online)


It only covers material from Week 9 to Week 15.


How to Prepare For The Final

What To Read And Watch In Preparation For the Final

NOTES: For items listed in “Must Read/Watch”, please do make sure to very CAREFULLY read or watch them. You don't need to memorize them since this will be an open book exam. However, you have to read them in order to know where the answers to the questions lie.

Week 15: Public relations

Must Read/Watch

  1. Public Relations and Framing the Message

  2. Professor Conway's video lecture for the 15th week

If you have extra time

Week 14: Advertising

Must Read/Watch

  1. Advertising By Design: Advertising is…

  2. Gillette’s ‘The Best a Man Can Be’ and the War on Toxic Masculinity

  3. Professor Conway's video lecture for the 14th week

If you have extra time

  1. You don't need to read this whole article but you should know that the TARES test is composed of the following five components:

    1. Truthfullness of the message
    2. Authenticiy of the persuader
    3. Respect for the audience
    4. Equity of the persuasive appeal
    5. Social Responsibility for the common good

Week 13: Video Game Design

Must Read/Watch

  1. CAREFULLY read this online article

    • After reading the above article, read the class review I provided.
  2. Professor Conway's video lecture for the 13th week

Week 12: Cinema Studies & Film Production

Must Read/Watch

  1. Classical Hollywood Cinema Style

  2. Professor Tim Bell's four video lectres:

If you you have extra time:

Week 9: Sports & Media

Must Read

  1. How the ‘Natural Talent’ Myth is Used Against Black Athletes

  2. Professor Conway's Lecture Slides for the 9th week

  3. Professor Galen Clavio's Lecture Slides for his guest lecture