C101 Friday Hongtao

1st Week_Media Journal_Due on Jan 24th 7 a.m.


Due: Friday, Jan. 24, 7 a.m., (before your discussion section)

Best Practice: Think about the assignment prior to Jan. 17 discussion section so if needed, you can ask questions about the assignment during discussion.

Submission: Upload to Canvas

You can download this template: Template

You can download this example: Example


For this short project you will track your media consumption for 24 hours. In your journal, keep track of what media you consume, how it is paid for (both direct and indirect funding), and what technologies/platforms you use to consume it. The information from this project will be used for future class projects.

Each entry should include the following information:

  1. The date and time periods of media consumption. Take care to indicate when your media consumption overlaps – people often are exposed to more than one medium or message (content) simultaneously. Don't forget to account for the full 24-hour period. If you sleep with music playing, list that, too, for example.

  2. Any print, broadcast or digital media content (books, newspapers, magazines, television, film, video games, music, online news, Kindle books, podcasts) that you consumed during the period (intentionally or not!).

  3. How it was paid for (direct payment, subscription, subsidized by advertisements, etc.) You should indicate the way it was paid for even if someone else pays for it (for example, a family Netflix subscription that you do not pay for)

  4. What media technologies/platforms/outlets you used to consume it (i.e. cable television, movie theater, DVD on laptop, Hulu on television using a Roku, HBO app on smartphone, etc.)

You may not always immediately know the answers to these questions; please think about likely sources of payment or different kinds of technology.

Additionally, we are not going to comment on or punish you for nontraditional means of consuming media (others’ accounts, downloading, streaming, etc.). Be honest so that you can reflect on your choices as the semester goes on.


Media journal is complete: Covers a 24-hour period; distinguishes between a.m. and p.m.; submitted by deadline; includes date of journal10.0 pts
Media journal contains all required elements for all entries: Four columns of information as demonstrated in example assignment: 1) approximate time period of media consumption; 2) type of media content, both intentional and unintentional; 3) how it was paid for; and 4) media technologies/platform(s)/outlets used10.0 pts
Media journal is neat, organized, and clear: Journal is typed and laid out in columns and rows that are clearly labeled; content is easy to comprehend and demonstrates an awareness of various types of media and a thoughtful approach to the assignment. Thoughtful details = difference between a 9 & 10, for example.10.0 pts