C101 Friday Hongtao

15th Slides


Table of Contents:

Deadline: April 27, 2020, by 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

Assignment Requirement


Readings: PR Review, Social Media and PR

1. Name & Challenge


Please think up a name that resonates with the café's original purposes: to offer organic, free trade, and/or locally sourced coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and salads.


Try to put yourself in the shoe of the owner of this cafe, and think of challenges that you may have. Just some examples:

  1. Few people have heard of this new store?

  2. Few people know its aims to help the earth?

  3. Organic, free trade, locally sources food are generally pricier and hard to sell?

  4. People don't trust the food source as was claimed??

2. Goals

These should be related to the challenges you face.

3. Strategies:

How can you convey the message to the audience? You don't need to answer all the following questions. Just pick the one(s) you are most interested in, most comfortable with, and regarding as the most effective.

  1. Press release (in the hope that this release will be picked up by the news media and transformed into news reports)?

    • Which media organizations will you be collaborating with? Indiana Daily Student? Herald Times? Or newspapers in Indy or even national news papers? What message will you send them to make them interested in your release?
  2. Will you sponser special events here in Bloomington or other places? If no, why not? If yes, which event you are thinking of sponsoring? Why this one? How are you going to sponsor it so that you can receive favorable publicity (e.g., putting the large logo or name of your store above the stage?) See here for a list of annual events held in Bloomington, IN.

  3. How will you maintain good community relations. Choose one ways from the following list and explain Why this one and How will you do it:

  1. How will you maintain good consumer relations? Hint:
  1. How do you maintain good relations with local government?

4. Target Audiences

Whom are you trying to get your messages to? Why these people?

A list of people you might choose from:

5. Media Channels

Which media channels will you get your messages across to both the news agencies and the public? You can choose multiple.

If you want a PDF version of document, click here.


This is our last assignment. We made it to the end!