C101 Friday Hongtao

Review of the 7th Week Class (Monday (2/24))

Hongtao Hao / 2020-02-26

Table of Contents:



Media Technology and cultures

  1. Situation now: new media technologies

  2. Scholars, users and non-users try to understand new media as soon as they are introduced

  1. To really understand new media…
  1. David Nye's research

  2. Responses to new technologies:

  1. Smart speakers

Technology and society

  1. Technological determinism

Definition: viewing new technologies as powerful agents of change in society, as active forces that humans have trouble resisting. This view is most common when technology is new.

  1. Social construction of technology

Definition: seeing people as the primary sources of change in technology and society; technology influences people and vice-versa; ultimately new technology is domesticated (taken for granted as part of everyday life).

  1. Social shaping of technology

middle ground

Technology determinism

Old argument: communication technologies make us dumber

Milder forms of technological determinism

Media choice = use of technology has direct consequences, but people make strategic, usually rational choices.

Social construction of technology

Recurring themes