C101 Friday Hongtao

Review of the 3rd Week Class (Monday (1/27)

Hongtao Hao / 2020-01-29

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Reading For this week: McChesney: Policing the Unthinkable. Read it carefully by yourself because questions in midterm and in final exam come from both weekly lectures and reading assignments.

Topic: Media owenership

Good source of information is important for people to elect for the President.

Media conglomerates are a result of deregulation of media business.

Possible negative influences of concentrated media ownership

  1. Harm to the economy and society;
  2. Increase in barriers for new companies;
  3. Powerful will filter out information they do not like.

Possible benefits of concentrated ownership

  1. Overall economy gets strengthended when individual companies become stronger;
  2. Larger companies have the power to battle unfair government leaders and policies whereas smaller media organizations do not.

American Media Myth

American Media Reality

Why limit legacy radio

  1. Few frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum;
  2. Radio needed to be regulated;

How did the govenment regulate radio


During the 1940s, the FCC used the same procedure of allocating broadcasting licenses to TV stations.

The trend toward media concentration

Telecommunication Act of 1996

Three types of business merger

The federal govenment instituted policies to encourage diversity of ownership within the mass media industries in the 20th Century.

Barriers to entering the business

Guest Lecture by Dean James Shanahan

Dean James Shanahan talked about conspiracy theory in his lecture. He talked about reasons why people subscribe to conspiracy theory. He also gave some examples of conspiracy theory: