C101 Friday Hongtao

14th Week_Applying_TARES


Due: Monday April 20th at 5:00 pm, Submit to Canvas



Watch Prof. Conway's lecture video

The assignment requires you to evaluate the ethics of the following commercial by applying the TARES Test.

There is a short video on the Week 14 page about this assignment as well as the full article on the TARES test.

Before you begin applying the TARES Test, you need some context for this commercial, which aired April 4, 2017. Read this New York Times article to help you understand currents events and country's mood when the commercial first ran.

Use this Worksheet. Please type your responses into the spaces provided then submit to this assignment link on Canvas.


To illustrate how to do this assignment correctly, I'll take another controversial commercial by Gillette, We Believe The Best Men Can Be, as an example.

Here is the commercial:

Watch this video and have a look at the example answer I provided: Example


When doing the assignment, imagine that you were the marketer, rather than the audience.